Frequently Asked Questions
If you do not find an answer to your questions below lease Email admissions@aweleacademy.com

What does it cost to attend?
Our tuition and fees is $1,000. We provide delayed tuition payment so you can start the school with a deposit of $300. Students are required to pay up the balance of their tuition by week 10 before they graduate. Note that our tuition does not including living expenses or transportation.

Do you offer full scholarships?
No we only offer partial tuition coverage for select students.

Can I get a loan for my tuition?
AWELE Academy is pleased to partner with Several banks in Nigeria including GTB and Standard Chartered to give our students priority access to loans with fair interest rates and a quick response time. Our admissions staff will help you determine which loan is best suited for you and will assist you through the application process. Applying for a loan through one of our financial partners should be initiated only after you have been accepted into AWELE Academy.

We also will assist you to raise funds to support your education on crowd sourcing platforms such as Kiva.org and These Numbers Have Faces. Please contact our admissions-at-aweleacademy.com for more details

How long does it take to get a job after graduating? 
We recommend budgeting three months. We provide extensive training in interview skills and career counselling. We also help you create a compelling resume and cover letter and assist in exposing you to various local and global recruiting partners and recruting platforms.

Can you guarantee me a job?
No. We help as much as possible, but we do not guarantee you a job.

Do you provide accommodation for your students?
No we are not able to provide accommodation at this time. However, we can provide recommendation to nearby student hostels that are affordable. Students can share rooms to save cost.

Do I need a laptop?
We recommend that students have their own laptops and have reliable internet connectivity in their homes to enable them study and practice while at home. However, AWELE academy provides laptops and full internet connectivity while you are at the school.

Do I need experience in coding or must I be from a STEM or Engineering background?
The simple answer is No. While it is encouraged that you have some coding background, AWELE Academy will provide introductory coding classes to help you come up to speed before the coding school starts.

What is I am male and want to attend?
While we would love to have you, at this time we are focused on bring on female students. In the future we may consider integrated classes with both males and females, so check back soon!