(S)He Hacks Africa Applications

We will be using a learn-by-example approach where you actually get to build a real application with full functionalities.

By the end of the 4 weeks, you would have built a simple application that addresses an issue in Nigeria using all the technical skills you have gained. You then will get a chance to present your projects and network with some prominent leaders in Technology.


5TH – 30TH APRIL, 2021


8TH – 26TH MARCH, 2021

Our story

Learning how to code in 4 weeks isn’t easy but the instructors and tutors made it as easy as possible for us to learn. It was quite a full packaged challenge for me but the best parts were exercises, projects not only on coding but entrepreneurship and leadership skills that we had to do so we could learn faster and stand out. I am very happy! For the opportunity and to be a part of this boot camp, a big thank you to the organizers, sponsors and our instructors, I hope to be a part of subsequent WAAW programs.

Well, truly I will say the Online Coding Boot-camp is a nice and great place to be either online or physical training. Because, first I did not know much about coding. I know people code but I will be like coding what…smiles? But today, I’m glad to say I know a lot about coding, how one can make an absolutely good use of the internet with your time management and I acquired a web development skills. In summary, I have a broad knowledge about the internet which I am happy and glad about. I did make a good choice!!! Thanks to our facilitators, my coach and my Team members from (Nigerian, South-Africa and Zimbabwe) it was really nice and awesome working with you all as a team even though we haven’t met physically – hope to do that someday.