What we look for in successful candidates


The software engineering program at the AWELE  Academy is a challenging and rewarding educational experience.

AWELE Academy’s curriculum covers a lot of ground — from computer science fundamentals to front and back-end software development. From Technology Entrepreneurship to Community Leadership. From Ethics to Morals and Communication. We’ve created an excellent environment for motivated, passionate students to learn, but the program does not start at a beginner level, so some elementary coding experience is required prior to attendance.

AWELE Academy’s admissions criteria are centered around one goal: Ensuring you are prepared to succeed in the educational environment at AWELE Academy and as a software engineer after graduation. We match you up with amazing job opportunities at companies – both local and global!

Candidates are evaluated on a variety of criteria, including programming skill, educational/professional background, and culture fit. The weightings for these areas are not set in stone, particularly if you have a strong academic track record. We encourage all aspiring programmers to consider applying for our program; you might just find you have a natural knack and love for coding.