Launching Technology Leadeship and Entrepreneurship Boot-camp in Lagos, Nigeria

Today, WAAW foundation and AWELE Academy announced the launching of a technology leadership and entrepreneurship boot-camp in Lagos,Nigeria.


“We are excited to announce the first cohort of WAAW foundation’s African Women Engineering, Leadership and Entrepreneurship (AWELE) Academy – a 12 week coding, leadership and technology entrepreneurship boot-camp/school in Lagos, Nigeria.” Said, Ebele Agu, WAAW Vice-president. AWELE academy is an immersive software engineering school for African women that focuses on Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship. AWELE Academy is part of the Working to Advance STEM Education for African Women (WAAW) foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to increase the pipeline of African women entering into Science and Technology fields and ensure they are engaged in Technology innovation to benefit Africa.

WAAW foundation has been a visionary supporter of social impact in Technology leadership and entrepreneurship for many years. Its support enables AWELE academy to perpetuate its mission to provide transformational experiences that will inspire, encourage and empower young African women to prepare for a long-term, fruitful careers in STEM sectors.

“We have been working to empower girls with STEM education in Africa for over 8 years.” Said Dr. Unoma Ndili Okorafor, WAAW founder and president. “Awele Academy is established to provide a world-class educational environment with an advanced curriculum, taught by experienced instructors. We want to connect our students with a support network of alumnae and mentors and work with local and global technology companies to get them recruited.” The training program will be split between fun, hands-on, result-oriented workshops that deliver practical, creative, STEM & Computer science skills, and leadership and business seminars that address personal and professional skills for success.

Applications are now open for WAAW-AWELE Academy’s first cohort of 15 participants only. Space is extremely limited. This is a 12 week coding bootcamp (Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm).  Applicants will be contacted within 2 weeks to complete an online assessment, followed by an in-person interview. AWELE Academy is located at 39/40, Osolo way, off international airport road, Lagos, Nigeria.

Eligibility Criteria for participants include:

  1. Must be an African Woman above 18 years.
  2. Should be completing or have completed University or Post-Secondary Education.
  3. Must have a strong academic background.
  4. Prior experience coding or a degree in STEM is encouraged but not required.

Individuals interested in learning more about AWELE Academy as well as how to participate in the bootcamp can visit If you have any questions about the admissions process or tuition for the program, please contact admin. at .

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