Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring

Would you prefer to get one-on-one or private group/team tutoring in coding from our outreach instructors and progress at your own pace? AWELE Academy provides an instructor for you. Topics range from Scratch to Alice to Arduino to Javascript, Web Development, Mobile App development and advanced C++. Students age starts from 8 years and above

To begin, fill the form below to let us know which topic you are interested in, potential meeting time preferences and location of meeting or distance from our office in Central Area District.

Once we receive your payment for the session, we will assign the instructor & provide their contact information. Fees depend on: 
1. the course you have chosen,
2. duration of the course,
3. number of participants in the group,
4. Age range of the participants; and
4. Distance of location from Central Area District.

Each student will be required to have their own laptop and internet connectivity if required for the teaching sessions. Sessions cancelled less than 24 hour notice will be forfeited.

Group Tutoring

Do you want to gather a few friends and have coding camps/workshops/clubs at your home or your community meeting space? No worries – we can come to you! You can select the days, hours and topic – we will send the instructor your way! We provide one instructor per 6 students and we cannot have more than 24 students in a group.

Don’t know which course to start with? Review the background information and detailed description of most topics here. You can also email or call 080 ** 331.

Total cost for the group sessions must be paid as a lump-sum by the group organizer.